MPS Florimark CDG ISO Fairtrade


All of our products are supplied to you as ready-to-sell items and are delivered to you exactly the way you want. The criteria that your selections should meet are entirely up to you. Added-value options include:

  • Pricing items
  • Attaching labels
  • Sleeves
  • Desired consumer information
  • Pot plant combinations
  • Seasonal concepts

The close working relationship we maintain with our business partners enables us to completely satisfy your requirements and preferences. Our professional and competent staff has a large network of growers and suppliers and is constantly informed of market developments. We also have a customer management system to keep you properly informed and advised in the way you prefer.

Advanced IT system

Pfitzer employs an advanced IT system that allows for a quick, unambiguous exchange of data. This takes several tasks off your hands and results in definite cost savings.

Online ordering system
We have a customer-friendly online ordering system so that you can place your orders quickly and easily.