MPS Florimark CDG ISO Fairtrade

Mission & Vision

With the support of our highly qualified and motivated team, our close attention to sustainable and socially responsible business practices, and our concern for the environment, our mission is to apply efficient, consistent methods to meet our customers’ needs for high-quality amenity horticulture products.

Our objective is to provide perfect quality and service in the broadest sense of these terms with regards to all of our products, activities and processes. Reliability and continuity play an important role in achieving this objective.

Working together to add colour to our world
A close working relationship with our suppliers and customers has always been a high priority at Pfitzer. An integrated distribution chain enhances your involvement in our operating processes and gives us the best way to respond to your preferences.

A highly advanced IT system that we developed ourselves makes it possible to exchange a wide array of data quickly and unambiguously. We also have a customer-friendly online ordering system so that our customers can place their orders easily and quickly.

“We are a socially involved company that attaches much value to the needs of people and the environment. We have a preference for sustainably produced products!”