MPS Florimark CDG ISO Fairtrade


Quality and service, in the broadest senses of the words, are objectives we strive for and achieve in all of our activities and products. Important points of departure for us are reliability and fulfilling the agreements we have made with our business associates. We listen closely to the preferences and remarks of our customers and constantly re-assess our products and processes and refine them whenever necessary. This “quality mindset” is stimulated and guaranteed not only in our own company. It is also a priority we set with regards to processes outside of our company.

Our quality mindset is supported by:

  • Reliable, long-term ties with our customers, buyers, suppliers and other business partners
  • Strategic joint ventures and far-reaching coordination with suppliers, carriers and other partners
  • An advanced IT system

To maintain a constant, uniform level of quality, our capable account managers have frequent contact with our many long-term suppliers and growers here in the Netherlands and abroad. Although we prefer to purchase directly from growers, we also make use of other sales channels when necessary since having a choice of sales channels enables us to supply both large and small batches – and even individual items.

“Pfitzer is an open organisation and sees its business partners and business associates as inseparable components in its own organisation”