MPS Florimark CDG ISO Fairtrade


Quality – and this includes attention to the needs of people and the environment – is a high priority that applies to both services and products. All of the company’s operating processes are organised in such a way that quality management and control is implemented both efficiently and continuously. We employ a highly advanced IT system coordinated entirely to the needs of our customers so that each step – from placing an order to delivering the final product – can run consistently and be monitored throughout. As a result we have qualified for these certificates:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • MPS-Florimark Trade
  • Max Havelaar Fair Trade Products

MPS-Florimark Trade and ISO 9001:2015
Having the MPS-Florimark Trade and ISO 9001:2015 certificate allows us to promote ourselves as a leading supplier with a reliable reputation and a progressive quality policy.

Having the MPS-Florimark Trade certificate means that we satisfy strict criteria in the areas of quality management, traceability, the environment and chain quality. As a result, this guarantees high quality requirements from purchasing to delivery. We guarantee you the kind of quality you want along with maximum reliability regarding the products and services you receive.

Being ISO 9001:2015 certified is proof of our perfected operating processes. All the procedures and processes in our company have been systematically recorded, are designed to allow monitoring, and are perfectly synchronised.

Max Havelaar Fair Trade
We supply products with the Max Havelaar Fair Trade mark of approval. This gives small farmers a chance to receive a fair price for their products so that they can work independently towards building a better future. A fair price also allows for decent working conditions and environmentally responsible production. Pfitzer wants to offer a product line with as many sustainably produced items as possible!

“Pfitzer stands for reliability, excellent quality and service whilst considering the needs of people and the environment!”