MPS Florimark CDG ISO Fairtrade

Product line

Product line
We supply a large, high-quality line of cut flowers, handmade bouquets, garden plants, houseplants, pot plants and accessories customised to meet your specific preferences and needs.

Cut flowers
In addition to an extensive line of individual varieties of cut flowers, we have our own location on Visserstraat in Aalsmeer for creating elegant handmade bouquets. For more information

We offer a wide assortment of plants that include houseplants, garden plants, trees, shrubs and bedding material. We also work closely together with Decorum Plants, a joint venture with its own quality mark that guarantees the highest quality in flowering and foliage plants produced through environmentally responsible methods. For more information:

Plant arrangements
We also provide a wide, attractive selection of pots filled with several different plants. In addition to our standard assortment, we will also be glad to assemble combinations of plants according to your requirements and preferences.

We supply a wide selection of decorative materials and accessories, which are essential to complete our line of products.