The world of Pfitzer

It's all about extra attention

A family business that cares for the environment

Our story starts in 1997, when Karl-Heinz and Bea Pfitzer started a company importing and exporting ornamental products. After years of growth, innovation and achievement, Pfitzer is now one of the most reputable trade partners in the sector. The steady composition of our team has been the same for a long time and we have a close relationship spanning many years with our clients.

Our mission

A good and pleasant cooperation with our partners is very important to Pfitzer. This applies to our employees, trusted growers, logistics partners and customers. This is why we guarantee the best products and service, we go the extra mile for our clients and we do business with respect for people and the environment.

The Pfitzer vision

It all starts with a healthy business operation: clear processes, clear agreements and a sound financial foundation. We invest every day in long-term collaborations, in which trust and continuity play an important role. This allows us to grow together in good times and count on each other in leaner times.

“We will not hesitate to stick our neck out for employees and trusted partners. And that works both ways. You get what you give.”

Pfitzer - Sierteeltstraat 33, Aalsmeer
Pfitzer - Visserstraat 42, Aalsmeer
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