Quality and sustainability

Well organised

Stronger together

We aim for excellent quality in everything that we do. We need everyone in the chain to achieve this. It is therefore important that we can trust each other completely. We trust each other’s specific qualities, honour agreements and give each other constant feedback. This allows us to raise the standard of our products, processes and organisations all the time. And we all benefit from this.

Certifications and quality labels

A number of important certifications and quality labels have been acquired.

ISO 9001:2015 proves that all procedures and processes within Pfitzer have been recorded in a structured manner, are verifiable and perfectly coordinated.

MPS-Florimark Trade indicates that we meet stringent requirements in the field of quality assurance, environmental traceability and chain quality.

The Max Havelaar Fairtrade quality label ensures that farmers and labourers in developing countries are supported in acquiring a better position in the commercial chain.

The Skal Biocontrole Foundation is an independent organisation that monitors organic production in the Netherlands. The objective of Skal is to promote the correct labelling of organically produced products, so that anything that is labelled ‘organic’ is indeed an organic product.

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